Looking back…

Over a year ago, I published my first very own blog post. So what’s happened since then?

I’ve lost 6 pounds… yeah, six measly pounds. For all I know, it’s that I wore different clothes to the Doctor that day. I’m still 50 pounds over where I want to be. Some of it was chemo weight, some of it was weight that came after my hysterectomy. My oncologist isn’t a big fan of me losing weight, but mentally, all this extra weight wears on me. And I’m sure physically it isn’t helping either.

We’ve had the RV painted and upgraded. A 6 week job turned into 6 months of my RV being in a shop. And a couple things we asked to be done still weren’t. Some of the things we had done weren’t done properly and some new things were damaged in the process. We definitely won’t be taking our RV back there!

I’ve changed medications: from Xeloda to Anastrozole. Xeloda was starting to become ineffective and I was having increased side effects. Thankfully my Oncologist ran more tests this summer and discovered that I was indeed still ER/PR+ and HER2Neu- (we’d thought I was triple negative) and I was a candidate for hormone therapy. How long will this last? Who knows?? Hopefully I’ll get 2 1/2 years on this med just like I did the last one! And all this year, I still got my monthly belly shots, although none of them have been flavored yet.

When we finally got our RV back, I checked off some items on my bucket list: swimming with dolphins and getting a picture at the southernmost point of the US, along with visiting Key West. We also spent time at Universal Florida (YAY Harry Potter!) and Disney (Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween was a BLAST!).

I attended and passed a pistol coaching level 1 course, and completed the necessary courses to obtain my level 2 shotgun coaching certification. In addition, our entire team of coaches spent a weekend with two Olympic coaches in our sport, learning techniques to help our athletes improve.

We’ve ended a year of competition and begun a new year of coaching athletes. I’ve taken on the task of planning and focusing on physical and mental conditioning this year. I’m grateful that our head coach has allowed me the flexibility to do this – it’s empowering to know my opinions are valued!

I’ve competed in two pistol competitions, placed dead last in the first, and third from last in the second. Improvement is awesome! I’m not competitive yet, but I’m getting better each time.

My husband and I along with his sister and her husband hosted a party to celebrate my in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary. Sometimes I forget how absolutely wonderful it is to have in-laws married that long. It really is an achievement that few get to realize in this day and age.

A friend of ours came to visit us from Seattle. We drove around our city, being tourists. Doing things we’d never done even though we’ve lived here 20 years. If you’ve never done that, take some time and do it. We found all sorts of interesting things we never would have otherwise.

My son has a new job that he absolutely loves! He also sees that there is a future with this company. Even though he comes home most nights worn out by the job, he’s enjoying the opportunities for learning and earning certifications in his field. I’m grateful he has a boss who recognizes when employees go above and beyond expectations and that the boss verbalizes approval.

My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with matching tattoos! Yep, we’re awesome like that! That’s my hubby’s leg as the picture for this blog post. Actually, it’s the first time we’ve had matching ink! His third tattoo and my fourth (not counting the silly radiation dots).

I’m exercising 3-5 days a week, combining cardio and weightlifting. I’m getting healthier, and feeling better about myself, even if my body isn’t showing much change yet. My last blog post was about the FitBit. I’m still getting used to that thing!

I look back and see how busy our year really was. Amazing what looking back does when you think your life is a year of day-to-day living that seems monotonous. I’m reminded of all the things that have happened, and now I’m looking forward to what the next year will bring! I hope if you take the time to look back to last year, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised at the events you remember.


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