Chemo-brain, FitBit, and 10,000 steps

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

I’ve begun to work out, trying to drop this extra 60 pounds thanks to chemo/steroids/no energy. As part of that I went bought a FitBit. One of the things a FitBit monitors is the (recommended by the American Heart Association) 10,000 steps a day goal. Now, I know that I generally only find my limit when I exceed it, so I dropped the goal by half. I’m just getting into getting my body back into better shape and this was my way to “hopefully” not hit that wall.

What I realized is (thanks to chemo-brain????) I keep forgetting things and going back and forth making multiple trips. For instance, this morning I had to go back into the kitchen to get my water bottle after I unlocked my car. Driveway to kitchen and back = 50 extra steps. Then after I started my car, I realized I didn’t have my wallet. Turn off the car, driveway to bedroom and back = 100 extra steps. ANNNND off to the gym, where I hang up my keys and do a bit of cardio and a bit of targeted body exercises. I managed to keep my water bottle with me as I moved about the gym and was feeling pretty good. Head out of the gym and….. ALMOST forgot my keys! Door to key rack and back = 26 extra steps.

Without even trying, I’ve realized I add a crazy amount of steps daily, going back and forth because I keep forgetting things, drink with lunch, or grab the drink and leave the lunch I just made in the kitchen. You can see how this is going, right?

I’ve had the FitBit for three days now, and haven’t logged less than 7,000 steps in a day, just being “normal’. Yesterday I managed to log over 11,000 steps without even trying! I’m not sure if this means I’m more active than I thought, or if chemo-brain is totally taking over my life.

Have you had this experience? I’d love to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “Chemo-brain, FitBit, and 10,000 steps

  1. Yes. I started listing everything that I needed to take upstairs and needed to do upstairs. Then stockpiled the bottom of the stairs until I needed to go up. When I was upstairs I did the same about downstairs. All was working well until I could smell burning – I had left something on the stove. Now all the notes are mental notes. Now f I am cooking I never leave the kitchen AT ALL. I used to put a list on the front door before I went out too which went like: Is everything off the stove. Doors, windows locked? Where’s the cat? Have you got your phone, keys, purse, bus pass? Have you left a note?


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