Key West Day 2

And we’re in to Key West for another day of exploration with our friends who were nice enough to drive around so I could get a picture of mile marker 0, to show the southern end of US-1.

We started our day at The Little White House, so named because President Harry S. Truman spent quite a bit of time here during his presidency.

We learned quite a bit on the tour about the history of the area, how it started as a Naval base in 1823 to provide supplies for Commodore Porter’s anti-piracy operations. It remained a Naval base all the way through 1974.

After President Truman, several other presidents stayed here, all listed here:

Then we were off to find a post office. It’s become a bit of a tradition to send postcards on our travels to a dozen or so friends and family. Unfortunately, I’d forgotten to pick up stamps before we left. I’d picked up postcards Wednesday and wrote them that night, so after putting the stamps on, off to the mail they went.

To save energy walking, we drove the 6 blocks over to grab some lunch…AND check another item off my bucket list – eating at Margaritaville in Key West. Yes, I had the cheeseburger in paradise, with Heinz 57, fries and a pickle. Sometimes I’m just such a tourist!!!! Doug had a margarita (heavy on the Key Lime juice) while I had a “5 o’clock somewhere”. I love vacation!

We drove back to Mallory Square to park and began shopping. I finally found a sticker for Key West that I liked, to join the rest of the stickers I’ve gathered from our travels. Since we don’t have a bumper on Erve (the RV), the stickers are going on the windows.

Then we went north of Mallory Square, over to the marina where boat-owners dock and the wharf area where you could set up a fishing charter or a sunset cruise. We got to watch some Tarpon jump out of the water to fight gulls for leftover bait. We even saw some nursemaid sharks, and I managed to get a few decent pictures. Hey, it’s harder when you’re more than ten feet above the water level to get a decent picture of things IN the water.

We wandered through more shops over in Old Town Key West, bought a few little trinkets for friends, then found Kermit’s Key West where we tasted Key Lime fudge, jelly beans, salt water taffy, cookies and of course pie. We came home with Key Lime fudge and a Key Lime pie.

****Note, this was supposed to post early Friday morning, 10/23/2015 but I was having some serious wi-fi connectivity issues. On Friday mid-morning, we left Key West to move up to northern Florida to stay with friends, a drive of 400 miles. I’ve finally got wi-fi re-established after lunch on Saturday 10/25/2015, so it’s posting now.****


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