Another item checked off the bucket list!

Two years ago we were in Seattle, last year we were in Acadia, Maine. This year we are in the Florida Keys!

We headed to Key West around noon, after a couple breakfast tacos (eggs, potatoes, and bacon inside a soft tortilla). We parked in Mallory Square and wandered around a few shops. We took a hop-on / hop-off bus tour around Key West with a driver named Louie. Oh wow, if you can get him as your tour guide/driver you will have a BLAST! He was so much fun and so informative AND had his own sound effects (Hail to the Chief when we passed the Little White House, and Anchors Aweigh when we passed the Naval Base). For instance, up until 1972, Key West grew by dredging up ocean dirt and placing it in marshlands and waiting for it to harden. Since then, that practice has been outlawed because it was destroying ocean habitat and sea life. Louie had us all laughing at his antics – telling 4 older ladies that they were standing on one of Key West’s worst crime corners! Oh my ribs were aching from the laughter.

We hopped off and stopped at the Southernmost point, waited in line to for our turn to take a picture with our friends. It’s pretty common to just hand your camera or phone over to the people behind you for them to take your picture and it worked GREAT! Yep, another bucket-list item checked off! Then we wandered around the southernmost beach and saw people who stopped at the southernmost bar and were just standing in the surf, enjoying an umbrella’d drink. Pretty darn cool if you ask me! We also stopped at the southernmost gift shop. Do you see a theme here?

Hopped back on the tour bus, with a different driver this time. Mrs. Vee didn’t have quite the same personality, but she was pretty informative. We ended our ride back in Mallory Square. Then we walked the four blocks over to Caroline’s. The food and drinks were awesome, the service excellent and the people-watching crazy-fun!!! Oh and the restaurants are dog-friendly here too!

We did a little T-Shirt shopping and then it was off to Mallory Square for a sunset party. Yes, watching the sunset is the thing to do here. There was a “small” crowd of a hundred people or so, listening to a musician play as the sun went down. Once the sun disappeared beyond the horizon, everyone clapped and the entertainers began! We stayed to watch two jugglers. First they juggled torches, then knives, then they climbed on 20 ft tall unicycles and juggled both torches and knives between them! It was AMAZING!

We did a little more shopping around the vendors that set up shop on Mallory Square. Thanks to our friends, we found some great pictures to put in Erve. Between that and the photos we took, we’ve got much more to decorate when we get back home.

Life is GOOD!


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