Where did the pink go wrong?


Where did the pink go wrong? How did this happen? Three decades of awareness? Three decades of talking about finding a cure for a cancer that claims the lives of over 40,000 (yes, forty THOUSAND) men and women each year. Twenty years of losing roughly that many people EACH YEAR!!!!

I think it’s happened because of a few large name organizations that have taken over and convinced so very many people that we can walk and make cancer go away. In 1982, we needed to open the dialogue about breast cancer; it’s signs and symptoms. We’ve come up with more tolerable treatments, and now people are living longer after diagnosis. We’ve come up with more accurate early detection and even possible preventative treatments.

We’ve started to dismiss the truth: CANCER SUCKS!
It’s not happy happy joy joy life after treatment. There are side effects:
Neuropathy (nerve damage) in your hands and feet from chemo, which may be permanent.
Loss of finger and toe nails
Burns and fatigue from radiation, often lasting two years after the last treatment.
Hair returning that isn’t what you had, or even where you had it.
Loss of income / financial burdens of treatment
Mental Health Issues, including depression, anxiety, even PTSD
Family stress – spouse, children, parents
Loss of fertility
Surgeries – multiple surgeries in most cases
-Body disfigurement
-Nerve damage
Judgement from others

What about dying from it? I was on preventative medication when my cancer came back, three years and three months after completing radiation. What about getting told to be “realistic” when you start planning for your child’s future?

The pink ribboned/labeled/tagged things that you can buy make you feel good. They might even make you think that you are doing something to support people like me, people living with (and in current treatment for) metastatic breast cancer. Unfortunately, those products only donate a small percentage of their PROFITS (not the amount you pay for the item) to “awareness”. Where does that money actually go?

Maybe it goes to $400,000 (or more) CEO / Global Chair salaries. Page 8

Maybe the organization spends a million dollars a year to fund lobbyists.  Page 23

One thing is certain: less than 20% of donations to Susan G. Komen Foundation go to actual research to find that new treatment, that actual cure. Page 6

And just in case you think I’m targeting just Komen, here’s Avon’s info.
**NOTE: this foundation does not exclusively support breast cancer, it also has programs for domestic violence and reforestation support**

and the American Cancer Society.
***As it’s name implies, this organization focuses on varying kinds of cancers in the US and Puerto Rico****

Only one of these charities exclusively raises funds for breast cancer. Three decades of “for the Cure”. And we still are focused on AWARENESS? News flash. We are AWARE. We are DYING. We want MORE!


4 thoughts on “Where did the pink go wrong?

  1. One thing I have learnt is to always make sure my donation is for research… I also refuse to buy pink products … Lets hope others learn this too…. We need research …. We are aware…


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