What’s up with the chairs in the doctors’ offices?

Why are doctor offices waiting room chairs so very uncomfortable?

Think for just a minute. When was the last time you didn’t go to a doctor waiting on an answer? Am I diabetic? What is wrong with my back? Is my child growing normally? Why am I so sad all the time? Am I pregnant? How’s my blood pressure? Is it cancer? Can I go back to work? Is my broken ankle healing properly?

And yet, when was the last time you were COMFORTABLE waiting for the provider to see you and answer your question?

I know decorators are employed to set the stage, from the color of the walls, to the artwork, to the traffic flow pattern in the seating arrangements.

Chairs are uniform, set to an “average person” size. How many people are “average”? That’s just a numerical value, trying to make the large and the small fit in the same space. Good thing our clothes aren’t like that, huh?

If you are in pain walking in the door, how much comfort will you gain after 30 minutes in an uncomfortable chair? An hour? TWO HOURS?

If you are anxious and cannot relax, how is that blood pressure? Your mental state?

If the doctor’s creed is “first do no harm”, then WHY do we have to wait in such horrible, cramped, uncomfortable chairs?


One thought on “What’s up with the chairs in the doctors’ offices?

  1. My dear friend, your observation is spot on. I found out the same thing in my hospital; pointed it out to the board, but they were not ready to spend more money on chairs.
    While talking with my friend, found out its not only in my hospital. Every hospital have these uncomfortable metal chairs. Don’t know the reason yet. And those who are in charge are not ready to replace it.


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