An unexpected stay

Friday, June 19, 2015: We loaded up the Erve (RV) with one dog and headed to Nashville for the TN State ATA Championships. For those of you who didn’t know, that stands for Amateur Trapshooting Association. And yes, my husband and I coach a high school team in competitive Trapshooting.

Saturday, June 20, 2015: Off to the Nashville Gun Club we go. Our athletes did very well. One took Resident Champion in his class, while another took Resident Runner up in his class. Two others were also in shootoffs under the lights. When you consider that they are shooting against people who have been competing for a lifetime (and some are in their 60s and beyond), we are hugely proud of our team!

Sunday, June 21, 2015: As we pack up to leave, we realize Erve has a decided lean. Maybe it’s the ground we say. Maybe it will level out as we go down the road we say. And off we go, 1/2 mile to the Camping World store. Did I mention it’s Sunday? Oh, AND it’s Father’s Day. Needless to say, their service center is closed for the day. No parts. No service tech who *MIGHT* be able to help us figure it out. SIGH. Thankfully, I have a wonderfully technical and mechanical husband. He climbed under Erve in the parking lot (95 degrees and HOT pavement) and found a broken piece on the suspension system.  We were planning on heading home, but returning on Thursday for the TN SCTP (Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program) Championships. Instead, well, back to the campground we go. Thankfully we got a spot to stay in for the week. Next challenge? We tow a 97 Jeep TJ, with a 4-cylinder engine and manual transmission which is great for off-roading, not so much for 200-mile interstate travels. The dog and I decide to stay here while my hubby drives that 200 miles back home to pick up the replacement part, meds for the week (wasn’t planning on staying), pick up an RX (stupid 90 day requirement) and the two other dogs, and bring back our non-towable vehicle since that has more room (two dogs and supplies) and is MUCH easier to drive at 75 mph (the posted speed limit on I-40 between Memphis and Nashville).

All that to say, it’s been kinda nice having a couple of days of down time. I’ve been going and going and going for three weeks solid. I’m glad I didn’t focus on it – I’ve been pushing myself a bit to get my stamina back up in preparation for our Southeast trip later this year. I’m sorry my hubby didn’t get any down time and got stuck doing the driving back and forth, and the shopping, and the running around. He’ll have to grab some relaxation tonight since tomorrow starts prep for the TN SCTP Championships. Our athletes compete Friday and Saturday, with awards and shoot-offs on Saturday. Yes, we shoot in all kinds of weather…. except lightning. So, say a little prayer that the predicted rain is just that, rain. No lightning included. I’ll update again after we compete.

Where are we staying? Well, if the picture didn’t give it away, we’re at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Nashville TN.

Life is…. more than cancer!


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