Want to REALLY raise awareness? Join me on 3/2/2015

If you have a few minutes tomorrow, please post what comes to mind when you hear: 30% of all breast cancer patients become metastatic like me. Some 40,000 (yes, that’s FORTY THOUSAND) will die this year, just like last year….. and the year before … and dating back to 1970, here are the death statistics for breast cancer, (taken from AnneMarie Ciccarella)

1970 28.4 deaths per 100K
1990 34.0 deaths per 100K
2000 29.2 deaths per 100K
2010 26.1 deaths per 100K

SO, after 40 years of awareness, we are saying 2 people per 100,000 will not die of breast cancer? That seems statistically insignificant to me, considering that in 2014, Susan G. Komen (see page 14) raised over $300 MILLION for awareness. So, $300 Million only gains us 2 lives per 100K? I think awareness has gone awry.

I have joined my voice with many others who want you to remember: that breast cancer is not “the good kind”. That so many of us die without our death counting against this cancer disease (as I only recently learned from Laurie Beckland, after her death on February 8 of this year – how does that even happen????). That metastatic breast cancer is the type I will (without a miracle) die from.  I’m asking all of you who read this to use the following hashtags Monday 3/2 on FB, Instagram and Twitter:


Thank you.


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